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As you know, our Planned Giving Committee believes that we should look for funding now in order to provide for our families’ and friends’ future health care needs. The hospital must remain one of the premier providers of hospital care in California and one of the best in the nation.

A special Society has been formed to provide for the future of the hospital. The Planned Giving Society is a group of individuals who have indicated that they have made a deferred gift in the amount of $10,000 or more through their wills, life insurance, or other estate planning vehicles.

You are invited to join the Society. Since you have already made provisions for the hospital in your estate plans, please let us know by checking the appropriate box and returning the reply letter. You will be recognized as a member of the Planned Giving Society. If you need information about planned gifts, please indicate so on the reply letter. Thank you for helping us preserve the excellence in health care for the Salinas area community?

Planned Giving Form